Welcome to the world of Tabnostics™

Tabnostics™ combines the features of tablet + cloud + diagnostics to put the future of mobile diagnostics in your hands.

Fully integrated with medical record systems such as Best Practice, Medical Director and Zedmed, Tabnostics™ provides you and your practice staff with a simple to use, turn-key and fully supported diagnostics solution.

Tabnostics Home Screen

Tabnostics Home Screen


How does it work?

Open the box, take out the device and sign-up to the service online. It really is that simple!

At the heart of Tabnostics™ is a powerful tablet computer. Featuring the latest in touch screen technology, Tabnostics™ has simplified the process of performing diagnostic tests like ECGs and Spirometery. Complicated menus on your computer have been replaced with an icon driven touch screen interface on this mobile device.

Using your existing medical records system, you can schedule diagnostic tests by patient for your practice nurse or pathology company staff to complete. Once the tests have been conducted the results are automatically and wirelessly transferred back to your medical records system via our Cloud services.

Where diagnostic tests are performed without Internet connectivity, Tabnostics™ will wait until it can access the Internet again to send the data back to your medical records system.

Tabnostics Schematic

Tabnostics Schematic


Simplicity is key

There’s nothing worse than medical technology that promises a lot, but ends up being difficult to use and unreliable. That’s why we’ve made Tabnostics™ both simple to use and simple to fix in the unlikely event that something should go wrong.

Pre-loaded software

The Tabnostics™ device and peripheral diagnostic components work out of the box, with all necessary drivers, settings and software pre-loaded (including Office Medic™ by QRS Diagnostic).


The software contains a simple yet detailed self troubleshooting system with useful help material which will allow you to quickly get to the bottom of problems when using the device. Help is available whenever you need it, whether it be a loose wire or a network connectivity issue.

Software upgrades

Tabnostics™ is completely self-sufficient when it comes to software upgrades. Whenever the tablet is connected to the Internet by any means, the device seeks out the latest software updates and installs them without the need for user interaction.


In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the tablet, a loan tablet can be quickly arranged.


Let's get technical

Tabnostics™ utilises the Internet and our Cloud services to exchange data between the tablet and your medical records system. This allows for seamless and simple integration into Terminal Services and Citrix environments using any Internet connection.

Data is securely protected on the tablet and during transmission. Tabnostics™ encrypts all of its own data on the tablet, requiring a PIN to gain access to this data. Tests can still be performed without a PIN if required to save the hassle if a PIN is forgotten or not known. Transmission of data utilises site-specific 256-bit AES encryption algorithms to ensure the safety of your data.

Integration with any EMR platform can be achieved through a simple import/export mechanism and can be customised to suit other applications. Currently Tabnostics™ has integration with Medical Director, Best Practice and Zedmed. Direct integration with other medical records systems will be added as part of our ongoing R&D Program.

Tabnostics Schematic

Tabnostics Login Screen